reading lists

From meeting with Jeff:

  1. McLuhan, Gutenberg Galaxy
  2. McLuhan, Understanding Media
  3. Ulmer, Heuretics (and others)
  4. Barthes (just generally)
  5. Lyotard, The Postmodern Condition
  6. Manovitch, Language of New Media
  7. Vitanza, “The Counter-Thesis”
  8. Vitanza, Pretext (journal)
  9. Schild & Harkin (eds), Contending With Words
  10. Olson, Rhetoric and Composition as Intellectual Work

From Jeff’s hypertext directed study:

  1. Ted Nelson Dream Machines/Computer Lib (get from interlibrary)
  2. Nancy Kaplan “E-Literacies” online
  3. Vannevar Bush “As We May Think” Atlantic Monthly. Find online.
  4. Stuart Moulthrop “You Say You Want a Revolution” PMC Find online
  5. George Landow “The Paradigm is more Important than the Purchase. Educational Innovation and Hypertext Theory.” In Digital Media Revisited.
  6. Jay David Bolter. Writing Space.
  7. Greg Ulmer “Grammatology Hypermedia.” PMC. Online.
  8. Tim Berners Lee. Weaving the Web
  9. John Slatin. “Reading Hypertext – Order and Coherence” College English
  10. Joseph Janangelo “Joseph Cornell and the Artistry of Composing Persuasive Hypertexts.” CCC
  11. Lester Faigley Fragments of Rationality
  12. Jeff Rice. “Writing About Cool: Teaching Hypertext as Juxtaposition” Computers and Composition.
  13. Jeff Rice. “The 1963 Hip Hop Machine: Hip Hop Pedagogy as Composition.” CCC
  14. Craig Stroupe “The Rhetoric of Irritation: Inappropriateness as Visual/Literate Practice.” Defining Visual Rhetorics.
  15. Collin Brooke “Making Room, Writing Hypertext.” JAC.
  16. Roland Barthes “From Work to Text” Image/Music/Text
  17. Jacques Derrida “Structure, Sign and Play in the Human Sciences” Writing and Difference
  18. Mark Nunes The Cyberspaces of Everyday Life

From Blogsome Comments:

  1. Lakoff and Turner, More Than Cool Reason (metaphor and literacy)
  2. Jack Goody, Domestication of the Savage Mind (lists and tables)
  3. Baudrillard, Symbolic Exchange
  4. Barthes, Elements of Semiology
  5. Ash Amin and Nigel Thrift Cities: Reimagining the Urban (drifts, Deleuzian flows)
  6. Young et al. Stalking Detroit (mapping and cities)
  7. Vilem Flusser, Kenneth Burke, Edbauer, Macrorie–on pleasure and pedagogy
  8. Stuart Hall, The Popular Arts

From ENG 7020 Syllabus:

  1. Walter Ong, Orality and Literacy
  2. Deborah Brandt, Literacy in American Lives
  3. Geoff Sirc, English Comp as a Happening
  4. Barthes, Camera Lucida
  5. Greil Marcus, Dead Elvis
  6. McLuhan, Medium is the Message

Also, Derek Meuller’s extensive reading list, available here, contains a sweet bunch of stuff I wanna read.

More to come, I’m sure. . .


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