please update . . . eventually! [UPDATED]


I’ve decided to shell out for my own doman name and webhost (thank you Bluehost!).  While the transition is not yet complete – – I’m still figuring out how to get all my links from my sites over to the new one – – I will soon be retiring the blogs and running the new ones exclusively.

This means, of course, that you will have to update your links.  Please update below as you see fit.

For the new home site, please update using this link’s URL.

To update the FoolsCap blog URL only, please update using this link’s URL.

As noted, both sites are in a state of transition at the moment, so please forgive any wonkiness due to that state of affairs.  Like, say, the fact that FoolsCap no longer has my blogroll links.  Yeesh.


Readers I have finished the transition to the new site.  Please update your links as requested above, at least if you are interested in continuing to follow my mad scribblings. See you there!  MLM


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