the new me

It is official (at long bloody last):

Michael L. McGinnis, Master of Arts

Of course, now I need all new stationery.  Sigh.

Thanks again to everyone whose encouragement, help, advice, and guidance got me this far.


6 Responses to “the new me”

  1. Mike G Says:

    Now that’s good news! Congratulations.

  2. Derek Says:


  3. ellen Says:

    Yay! Now you can focus on the PhD so you can officially be Professor BS!

  4. John Says:


  5. cinematophiliac Says:

    Congrats! One more down, one more to go! Like Ellen, I too look forward to the day when we can all call you, Dr. B.S., PhD!

  6. 1jargoncomputer Says:

    booooooooooo, heckle, heckle. Look at Mr. Successful all proud of his accomplishments. “Look at me, I worked hard for something and was rewarded for my pursuits.”

    No seriously, from #1 to #2, congrats.

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