a familiar scheme

From xkcd:

an eerily familiar scheme

an eerily familiar scheme

Intended here, in part, as a response to recent reader e-mail, and also as a commentary on why a recent event (unblogged thus far) went perhaps predictably down the crapper.  Goodbye, 2008, and good riddance.


2 Responses to “a familiar scheme”

  1. cinematophiliac Says:

    I’m sending you an e-hug!

  2. 1jargoncomputer Says:

    I waited a long time for row three part three (“moment of weakness”) to happen. I think this is the part where every “friend” type gets caught. You can spend an eternity at the “get drunk and hope the girl you adore will finally give in to the most imaginative fantasy of all time” phase.

    Embarrased me has to admit that I still think about the girl that I was “friends” with back in the day, and all of the strange moments that occurred or failed to precipitate between us. I’m not sure if this is the masochist in me, but I really miss some of those utterly ridiculous periods of hesitation and nervousness. Needless to say, I think this spawned the forever nervous persona I have today.

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