not what i mean when i say wsu is the bomb

More threats today.

If you don’t know, this is like the third bomb threat that WSU has recieved in a little over a month.  State Hall was threatened in late Oct, the Student Center earlier this week, and now General Lectures.  We’ve been fortunate so far that, as far as I know, they’ve only ever been threats; it’s unclear to me that any of them actually were connected to real bombs in any of the buildings in question.

My concern is obvious, as a student and instructor.  But I also worry (due to my role on Appointments) how this could appear to potential campus visitors.  “Oh, well, sorry you can’t see State Hall where you’d be likely to do a lot of teaching; it could explode at any second.”  Not something I’d like to say to any of our potential candidates. I am sure other campuses have dealt with similar threats (and, obviously, much graver things than just threats) but this is new to me, even though I was an undergrad at WSU as well.

It recalls, in some ways, an exchange KL and I had some time ago.  KL, if you’re reading, I’d be interested to see how you’re responding to these threats as well.


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