advertisement for my own dang self

Well, not much of an ad, really, just pimping my YouTube.

In lieu of a boring old PowerPoint for my talk last night in Pruchnic’s seminar, I whipped out some iMovie and posted it to YouTube.  You can find the results below.  The final clip itself is sort of incomprehensible, since it was designed to accompany me on my notes, but you may get a kick out of it nonetheless.


4 Responses to “advertisement for my own dang self”

  1. CW Says:

    Cool. Maybe you should’ve kept the music throughout?

  2. mlmcginnis Says:

    Yeah, agreed, but I just barely finished it in time anyway. I had all sort of keen song cues figured out but just didn’t get to them.

    If you didn’t know, that song is Kraftwerk’s “Computer World,” from the album of the same name.

  3. 1jargoncomputer Says:

    I like that I’m still in the film. For those of you reading this post, the minute 3:03 is a testament to my stardom.

  4. How high can I hold up my own hand? « The jargoncomputer Says:

    […] on December 7, 2008 by 1jargoncomputer As usual, MLM demonstrates how very obsessed he is with my image.  I guess this time, I’ll pay tribute to […]

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