No one has said the the Favorite Passage of the Week has to come from a theory text:

As noted recently, I’m doing this WAC/WID syllabus.  In one project, students are asked to provide a rhetorical analysis of one journal in their field.  In one submission, the student (who is studying to become a special education teacher) cited this excerpt from a special education student.  I cite it here with great appreciation and affection, and without any condescenion (I note this especially given the Trig Palin hullabloo from earlier this year):

An excited 6th grader wrote “Today I am planning on asking Mallory over to my house for a date. I hope her parents let her come over to my house after school. When she gets there I am going to put the moves on her and make out with her. Then I will take things to the next level and ask her to my girlfriend. Then I will play video games till my eyes fly out of my head like saucers”.

I’m unclear whether the video games and flying-saucer eyes are really connected to this student’s dating scheme, but the romantic in me chooses to believe they are.


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