yay me

At last, my plans are coming to fruition:

Dear Mr. McGinnis,

Professor C----- who made up your translation exam on Borges' 'Ficciones' has sent me your grade and it is Passing. Congratulations.

I am copying this news to your Graduate Director for his records and I would advise you to keep this memo for your personal records.

I am delighted to have met you and take inspiration from your wish to know more about Borges and the Spanish language.

My sincere best wishes for your continued success,


Professor M---- G------

This was the final and most nerve-racking step of completing my M.A.  Soon I will have another set of letters after my name, by virtue of which I can (officially) be even more of an insufferable prig than I already am.  Translation exam for the win!  Over 9000 passing!  Wh00t!




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