republicans are horrible people

I love when local TV stations pop up on national websites. I do not like when they pop up showing how horrible local people are. I do like when the horrible people in question are horrible Republican horrible people, like this horrible Republican woman from Grosse Pointe Farms (or one of the Pointes anyway).

Snagged from Wonkette.

And a poll:


7 Responses to “republicans are horrible people”

  1. borrego Says:

    seriously. facists should not be allowed to hand out candy, anyway. and did you see that she had taped her little bags of peanut m&ms to the mccain/palin flier? reminds me of the wayne brady skit from the chappelle show …

  2. Ellen Says:

    Fascists actually belong to the Libertarian party.

    And, this only goes to prove what the world has known for years: Being from Michigan significantly increases the likelihood that you are a douchebag.

  3. cinematophiliac Says:

    I took your poll and was elated to see that I wasn’t the only one to vote her most like Cheney. LOL!

  4. mike Says:

    What I am surprised no one called me on is that I ranked Cheney worse than Hitler. Y’all are some jaded folks.

  5. Cindy Says:

    Well, it seemed logical is all I’ve got to say. So I didn’t think anything of it. ;)

  6. Ellen Says:

    I didn’t realize there was any sort of ranking to them. So is the bottom of the list the worst? Because I’d rank Idi Amin as worse than Hitler.

  7. mike Says:

    That might be true, but ever since I saw Forest Whitaker play Amin I can’t help but think of him as a big, lazy-eyed, cuddly teddy bear.

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