why i hate due dates

I took CW’s post as a challenge.

Ficciones / Jorge Luis Borges ; edited and introduced by Gordon Brotherston and Peter Hulme.
Ficciones / Jorge Luis Borges with an introduction by John Sturrock.
Perspectives on rhetorical invention / edited by Janet M. Atwill and Janice M. Lauer.
A vulnerable teacher.
Teaching composition as a social process / Bruce McComiskey.
The I-search paper / Ken Macrorie.
Post-process theory : beyond the writing-process paradigm / edited by Thomas Kent.
The conquest of cool : business culture, counterculture, and the rise of hip consumerism / Thomas Fr
The ethos of rhetoric / edited by Michael J. Hyde ; foreword by Calvin O. Schrag.
Ethos : new essays in rhetorical and critical theory / edited by James S. Baumlin, Tita French Bauml
Stars / Richard Dyer.
Celebrity / Chris Rojek.
The resistant writer : rhetoric as immunity, 1850 to the present / Charles Paine.
Rhetoric and kairos : essays in history, theory, and praxis / Phillip Sipiora and James S. Baumlin,
Them : adventures with extremists / Jon Ronson.
Landmark essays on rhetorical invention in writing / edited by Richard E. Young and Yameng Liu.
Kaironomia : on the will-to-invent / Eric Charles White.
The last professors : the corporate university and the fate of the humanities / Frank Donoghue.
Steal this university : the rise of the corporate university and the academic labor movement / edite
University, Inc. : the corporate corruption of American higher education / Jennifer Washburn.
Beyond the corporate university : culture and pedagogy in the new millennium / edited by Henry A. Gi
Throwaways : work culture and consumer education / Evan Watkins.
The great Sophists in Periclean Athens / Jacqueline de Romeilly ; translated by Janet Lloyd.
Plato’s dream of sophistry / Richard Marback.
Negation, subjectivity, and the history of rhetoric / Victor J. Vitanza.
The sophistic movement / G.B. Kerferd.
Trials of character : the eloquence of Ciceronian ethos / by James M. May.
Philosophy, rhetoric, literary criticism : (inter)views / edited by Gary A. Olson ; foreword by Clif
Logos and power in Isocrates and Aristotle / Ekaterina V. Haskins.
Network culture : politics for the information age / Tiziana Terranova.
Ethos and pathos : from Aristotle to Cicero / Jakob Wisse.

As an invention heuristic, I kind of like the “library stash” idea.  I tend to compartmentalize different projects: the ethos project, the sophist project, the corporate university project.  Here, though, seeing the sources for them jumbled together, I feel invited, compelled, to find the links between them.

One such, perhaps, is that if the idea of the corporate university is about higher education as job-training & vocationalization of the institution, we might make a move to compare that to the division between the Sophists and their interest in practical manipulation of language and Plato’s philosophy of ideal forms.  Mmm…I don’t know if that idea has legs, but maybe more reading will help.


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