retraction notice

Dear readers,

Those of you who check out FoolsCap as obsessive-compulisvely as I do will no doubt have noticed that my most recent post has been pulled.  However, unlike those yahoos at BoingBoing I will provide you with  timely explanation.

Readers, I was wrong.  While I maintain my innocence in the production of the offending content, KL rightly called me on its insensitive nature and I made the decision to remove the post in question.  I’m not making a huge moral lesson out of this, but I do think it’s fair to acknowledge my own irresponsibility in linking to the material and provide props to KL for setting me back on the path of virtue.


Mitch McG


4 Responses to “retraction notice”

  1. Kim Lacey Says:

    Nice move, McGinnis. I reciprocate the props as well.

  2. Recuperating Foolscap’s Folly at Soughing Says:

    […] a more acceptable commentary on Palin’s unending capacity to spew baby shit from her mouth, if not from other orifices, […]

  3. Ellen Says:

    Dammit, now I want to know what you wrote!

  4. Cindy Says:

    I agree with Ellen. Can you re-post the offensive post so that we can read it, and thus be offended also?!

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