how can this be happening?

While recent news gives me hope, I still see things like and think to myself, “I am glad I am an elitist.  I am glad I support a candidate in whom I have some measure of faith that he shares the ideals and values that I think are necessary for social progress in this nation.  I am glad, moreover, that said candiate also seems to have sense of realpolitik and that he is not making grossly unrealistic promises for the sake of the vote; further, I am glad that, the majority of the time, this candidate addresses the electorate in a way that suggests he believes American voters are capable of understanding complex ideas expressed in complex ways.  But, above all, I am glad I am not these folks.”

Via BoingBoing


One Response to “how can this be happening?”

  1. Ellen Says:

    Well, at least now I know who this was meant for: Ass hat.

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