six sad songs*

* . . . and the saddest lines in them.

I’m starting my own damn meme.  Here’s how it works.  Pick the six saddest songs you can think of, list the titles, and pick what you think is the saddest line from each.

A Clown, Crying

A Clown, Crying

I) Radiohead, “No Surprises,” OK Computer

A heart that’s full up like a landfill,
a job that slowly kills you,
bruises that won’t heal.

II) Yo La Tengo, “Tears Are in Your Eyes,” And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out

You tell me that you haven’t
Slept in days.
You tell me sleeping only makes you tired…

III) Death Cab for Cutie, “Transatlanticism,” Transatlanticism

The rhythm of my footsteps crossing flatlands to your door have been silenced forever more.
The distance is quite simply much too far for me to row
It seems farther than ever before.

IV) Fred Astaire (Words & Music by George and Ira Gershwin), “They Can’t Take That Away From Me,” Steppin’ Out: Astaire Sings

The way you hold your knife
The way we danced till three
The way you changed my life
No no they can’t take that away from me
No they can’t take that away from me

V) Bob Dylan, “Girl From the North Country,” Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan

So if you’re travelin’ in the north country fair
Where the winds hit heavy on the borderline
Remember me to one who lives there
She once was a true love of mine.

VI) Lyle Lovett, “She’s Already made Up Her Mind,” Joshua Judges Ruth

So now she’s sitting at one end of the kitchen table
And she is staring without an expression
And she is talking to me without moving her eyes
Because she’s already made up her mind

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7 Responses to “six sad songs*”

  1. Radiohead Says:

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  2. jargoncomputer Says:

    I have a huge favor to ask. My book order hasn’t come in yet, Jeff’s out of town, and I need to somehow get ahold of Datacloud for like a day or two. I was wondering whether or not you had finished reading it and would be willing to let me borrow it?

  3. mike Says:


    Love to help but I haven’t even started it myself yet.


  4. Six sad songs « Machine Ghost Says:

    […] Posted in Uncategorized Tagged by FoolsCap. […]

  5. Ad Nihilum Says:

    Um, so I played your little reindeer game, and you haven’t even noticed yet! Bad meme-er! Bad!

  6. mlmcginnis Says:

    Have so. I chided you for using “Tears in Heaven.” You so crazy, E.

  7. Ad Nihilum Says:

    Well that’s just fine. Now I believe you owe me 95 movies.

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