dissertation blues, cont.

Never hurts to plan ahead, and I’m still trying to work through competing ideas that might interest me as a diss project.

So, I really dug Macrorie’s Uptaught, and I’d like to do further reading in early process/expressivist comp theory.  But I know that the term/concept/theory “post-process” has been gaining some traction lately, and that’s something I want to know more about–since I don’t think anyone at Wayne (faculty or grads) has ever really mentioned it as a direction of comp theory.  So I’ll be investigating p-p theory a little on my own, and will report back as necessary.

Anyone with suggested starting points is welcome to comment.


3 Responses to “dissertation blues, cont.”

  1. Derek Says:

    I’m not especially well read on post-process, but the chapters by Olson and Foster in Post-Process Theory come to mind first (for me, anyway).

    Here’s the full citation: Kent, Thomas, ed. Post-Process Theory: Beyond the Writing-Process Paradigm. Carbondale: Southern Illinois UP, 1999.

    Also, there’s this and this, some of which might bear fruits aplenty.

  2. mlmcginnis Says:

    Much thanks . . .off to the library (well, it’s website, anyway) I go.


  3. mary Says:

    Ha! I was just going to post about the Kent book. I’m half way through it right now, and I’ll second Derek’s recommendation about the Olson and Foster chapters.

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