rsa goals

Thanks to the planet-spanning lepidoptera for his comments on an earlier post.  Derek’s comments there inspire some thoughts.

What follows can be thought of as some personal goals for RSA.

  1. Don’t be boring.
  2. Stay within respectable time limit.
  3. Talk as much as possible; avoid reading (or, at least a boring reading.  See above.).
  4. Network: Crowley and Hawhee are high on my list.  Especially given a) my interest in arguments for abolishing FYC, and b) ethos/the body in ancient rhetoric.
  5. Buy drinks for the following: Pruchnic, Rices, Mueller.
  6. Ask at least one interesting question in every three panels I attend.
  7. Copious notes.
  8. Follow-up questions to panelists whose work I find really interesting.
  9. “Sorry I missed you” to panelists whose work sounds interesting but whose panels I can’t see.
  10. See some of the city–no hotel-hiding.
  11. Bury hatchet(s) with concerned person(s).
  12. Space Needle snow globe.
  13. Take questions/criticism in good spirits.  Think collaboration, not critique.
  14. Not embarrass department with sinister space-apes conspiracy theory in front of RSA president.
  15. Stop making lists.

A funny image about lists


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