right now i’m

  • Compiling notes for my 7064 presentation.
  • Learning how to tie a noose.
  • Still pissed at one her.
  • Thinking of another her.
  • Imagining the following exchange and its possible outcomes:

Me: When you’re not smiling, when you’re just, you know, listening to someone or thinking or just staying quiet, your face looks very serious.  Somber maybe.  Even sad.  But when you smile . . . it’s like the sun breaking from behind a cloud, and your whole face just lights up and it’s beautiful.


  • Listening to (nearly) the complete works of Radiohead on iTunes.  I’m missing some EPs, I know.
  • Blogging.
  • Planning options for the M.A.
  • Reminding self to check with Dr. J or Kay to see if my e-mail earlier this week was received.
  • Itching to go watch some Lost.
  • Trying to remember what the allegedly humorous idea I had for a comic strip to follow up Mild Sauce earlier today was.
  • Figuring out how to balance the 7064 work, grading, and making progress on the M.A. project.
  • Realizing blogging does not really fit into above.
  • L’il Foucault.  That was the comic strip idea.
  • Considering likelihood that affection for Her 2 above is a) misguided, b) probably just brief infatuation, c) unrequited
  • Wishing that a), b), & c) had all been true of Her 1 above.
  • Wondering when pics of Finnegan Walker will find their way to Intarwebs.
  • Wishing July 18 would get here a damn sight sooner.
  • Stretching for other items for this list.
  • Mulling possibility of another glass of juice.
  • Realizing that, at times, Radiohead’s The Bends can get a little boring.
  • Weighing options for texts for Spring/Summer courses.
  • Ending list.

2 Responses to “right now i’m”

  1. jenny Says:

    Learning to tie a noose!!!??? Is this because of all the other things on the list? :)

  2. Mike Says:

    Nah, just cause I always wanted to know how to do it. I finally found instructions that made sense to me.

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