pbwiki 2.0

I’ve started playing with the newest release of PBWiki.  So far, I like it, but I’m still figuring it out.

A breakdown:

  • Adding images.  Poor.  In PB’s 1.0 release, you could easily add images from the WWW in the classic editor, such that you didn’t have to upload the images to the wiki and take up precious memory.  Here, the classic editor is no more; you can upload images directly in a fairly simple procedure.  You can still take pix right from the WWW, but it involves a bit more skullduggery working with a page’s code.
  • Adding pages.  Meh.  No more wikistyling or camel-casing, but adding pages is fairly simple by pressing a button and typing some info into a pop-up box.  That could be a problem too, though, depending on how tight one’s pop-up controls are in your browser.
  • Appearance.  Strong.  If you upload a logo to the wiki, it will automatically adjust your wiki’s color scheme to match the logo; hence, my wiki is all decked out in Wayne State-centric colors.
  • Editing pages.  Fine.  I’m a Classic Editor boy at heart, but the WYSIWYG/GUI editor runs smooth andis probably just as easy to pick up for people who’re used to Word or similar word-processing progs.
  • Login. Mixed.  PBWiki 2.0 doesn’t have 1.0’s invite key, such that all wiki users share a pw.  On one hand, I guess that makes things a little easier since users only have to remember their own pws in order to use the wiki.  On the other, that means I can’t send out one pw to the class as a whole; I’ve got to send individual invites to students, they’ve got to follow a link, pick a pw, and sign up for a PBWiki user account.

Hmm.  More as I work with the wiki.  Check out the Spring/Summer wiki so far here.

Feedback welcome and encouraged–on the wiki itself or in course content.


2 Responses to “pbwiki 2.0”

  1. Chris Yeh Says:

    Good rundown on some of the PBwiki 2.0 pages. You’ve done a great job of articulating some of the reasons why the Classic Editor made things easier in PBwiki 1.0 (I have a lot of sympathy for you…I’m one of the only people at PBwiki who uses the Classic Editor and thinks we need it or something like it for 2.0).

    We’re also working on better ways to give your classroom access. Any thoughts on your ideal solution, or how you’ve seen other services do it?

    Would love to chat for a couple of minutes to get your opinion on this.

  2. mike Says:


    Thanks for the taking the time to read and leave a comment. I think the ideal solution regarding classroom access might take one of two forms:

    a) Offering a mass-invite option for the wiki. This way, PBW 2.0 could preserve its user-defined pw feature that it has now, but wiki admins could invite/add people en masse without having to send individual e-mails to multiple users–for example, I anticipate having to do so for 48 student users during my Spring/Summer courses. Mass invites would really speed that up.

    b) Restoring the invite key as an option. In PBW 1.0 (as you know) users could still have individual logins and pw to sign into PBWiki, but would still need the invite key to login to the wiki. PBW 2.0 eliminates this redundancy, but at the cost of efficiency as explained above. For my interest, preserving the invite key either as an integral function or as an option would give admins like myself–who are administering a wiki for multiple users of widely varying competencies–a much easier way to grant and control access.

    On a note related to point (a) above, it might also be nice to see a way to mass-edit user access options, such that, for example, I could mark all 48 students as “writers” for my wiki without using the drag-down menus for each one.

    Hope this finds it’s way to you; I’ll cross-post at the Beta feedback site. MLM

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