fpotw . . . bonus vroom-vroom edition!

Morris, Helen.  “Reflections on Old Methods.”  CCC 20.5 (Dec 1969):363-5.
They were simply not ready to drive linguistic limousines along Composition Expressway.  Either the engine barely moved because of a stultified mode of expression or the drivers accelerated and veered into the Valley of Verbosity or the Gully of Grammatical Lapses.  Nevertheless, we had to try to make our academic journey covering a minimum number of miles without complete disaster; some had already completed a remedial course and not want to repeat this next section of the route?
   Should we transfer to smaller vehicles and use smaller, straighter roads less challenging than super-highways with their demand for greater speed and dexterity? (363)
Headed to Theoryville?  Just take the next exit at Althusser Circle and then hang a Left (-wing, that is) at Bataille Blvd.  You’ll know you’re there when you see the sign for Derrida Donuts and a big empty parking lot in front of Marcuse Mart.
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2 Responses to “fpotw . . . bonus vroom-vroom edition!”

  1. Clay Says:

    Can you please give directions to phenomenologicaland?

  2. mike Says:

    Sure thing:

    The exit’s actually just past the exit for Theoryville, but it’s on the left side of the Comp Expressway, so be ready to change lanes pretty quickly. Once you’re off the right, turn right on to Husserl Place and then take the next left at Silvan Tomkins Street. On Tomkins . ..

    Oh this is stupid.

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