bodies of persuasion seminar paper review

Following Clay’s example, a small breakdown of the BoP essay. I’m challenging any other BoP seminarians to post the goods at their own sites.  This means you Lacey!


  • “The Body, the Subject, and Technology: the Limits of Rape”

Favorite Line:

  • “Those who would abolish the statute of limitations must thus rely on an implied assumption about the relationship between mind, matter, and memory: mind forgets, matter remembers.”

Crappy line I hope no one calls me on:

  • “As I was working through the issues above that eventually confounded me, I serendipitously discovered a report about the work of several independent neuroscientists that indicate at least some possible hope for resolving the ontological impasse represented by the comatose body.”

Bring-it-on-home line:

  • “Following Hayles, then, I have sought to argue that between the technologies used to define rape—here writing, genetic fingerprinting, and life-assisting machines—and the signifier ‘rape,’ the body and the subject together form a site of critical inquiry.”

Final Stats:

  • 13386 words
  • 37 pages w/o Works Cited
  • 42 pages w/ Works Cited
  •  851 lines
  • 165 paragraphs
  • 621 sentences (but I think it counts the flippin’ Works Cited stuff as individual sentences)
  • 5 sections
  • 70513 characters
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