I’ve been reading The Comics Curmudgeon archive lately, and came across this strip from 9 Chickweed Lane:

Chickweed, v. 1



I’m touched by the dude speaking in the first panel–I’ll leave regular readers to ascertain why. But I don’t think the final panel is funny enough. I think it should end more appropriately with panel three, in which the older chap seems to meet his friend/son/nephew/bisexual lover’s (?) romantic tale of woe with huffy indignation. Observe:

See . . . ? The Old Chap in panel four above is just impatient and easily bored; in my version, he borders on evil: “I’ll listen as you spin your tale of woe, and then I’ll make you feel even worse!”

Umm. . .if there’s a “theory” thing to say here, it’s this: appropriation, cut-up, remix, mash-up.



One Response to “indecision”

  1. Jill Says:

    yeah, lots of comics are funnier that way. Didn’t somebody do a whole bunch of Garfield up this way, cutting John’s punchlines?

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