As a possible way to see whether my long-gestating idea for the neologisms assignment is feasible, I’ve decided to keep a record of neologisms that I coin in the daily grind.  So, in addition to the aforementioned “indiegestion,” I’m premiering a new word here today and introducing the new category “neologism.”

The new word:

adequicious (adj): describes a meal or snack that is neither adequate nor delicious.  Note here that unlike many portmanteau words, “adequicious” is not a mere combination of “adequate” and “delicious“.  Rather, since it expresses a state of negation (neither/nor), the word is formed from two words whose meaning it does not synthesize.  USE: “I was hungry, so I grabbed a burger from Dairy Queen.  The burger sucked, and I’m still hungry.  That meal was merely adequicious.”



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