but wait!

Isn’t Gunning describing a more generalized phenomenology of film spectatorship?  And isn’t Bordwell actually producing a typology of classical Hollywood film style?  That is, aren’t they arguing at cross purposes?  Or rather, aren’t we reading them that way?

After thoughts to tonight’s 7051 session.


3 Responses to “but wait!”

  1. 1jargoncomputer Says:

    Which texts/articles are you reading? Tom Gunning and Bordwell are kind of classic points of reference. Burgoyne generally draws on these texts, but I am pretty sure that he is not teaching the class.

    I know that Gunning wrote “An Aesthetic of Astonishment: Early Film and the (In) Credulous Spectator,” in which he tries to approach the myths associated with early cinema, historically. And, I’m pretty sure that he posits the “Cinema of Attractions,” which could be seen as his response to the realist cinema dialectic. But then, doesn’t he view cinema as a series of visual shocks?

    I’m just tromping around here.

  2. Jenna G. Says:


    The Bordwell text is the seminal “Classic Hollywood Film Style” essay. The Gunning piece is “Narrative Discourse and the Narrative System.” Both are for Steve Shaviro’s Film/Media course.

  3. 1jargoncomputer Says:

    Thanks, I was just interested…

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