birthday wrap-up

A small note:

By far, my favorite of the several birthday greetings I received was from Jeff Rice, via Facebook:

Birthday?  Birthday?

Get back to your reading!

Eerily accurate, given that despite my best efforts to stay a week ahead of the game in 7007, I’ve fallen behind so that now I’m right on schedule.  Well, maybe one day ahead, but it will take a Herculean effort to crunch Foucault into five days and get back into a clearer space.

Later, I’ll write something on Rice’s Rhetoric of Cool maybe something in response to Nietzsche (whose name I can now spell without looking it up) and Maffesoli.  Also, I’m thinking of starting a film blog.  More on that later, too, perhaps.


2 Responses to “birthday wrap-up”

  1. Kim Lacey Says:

    Oh, yeah! Happy birthday! My apologies for my inability to remember anything lately (except that I, too, can now spell Nietzsche without looking! Ah, grad school…) Dang, you mentioned your birthday at the Majestic, so Happy Belated Birthday, Mike! See ya in class…

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