pictures of you

To quote Robert Smith of The Cure:

I’ve been living so long
With these pictures of you
I almost believe that they’re real.
Robert Smith

I’ve been thinking of things I might do to make the blog a bit more gung-ho lately. I think one reason the blog’s been a bit fallow of late is because there’s been nothing I wanted to write about on a regular basis. While my reading of late has been of interest–esp. Hawhee for Pruchnic’s class–and while I still haven’t put up my reading notes from summer–‘cos I know Rice desperately needs my validation (j/k, of course)–I haven’t had the spirit to sit down and transcribe several hundred pages worth of varied scribblings.

So a possible project to keep me writing, I’ve decided, might be what I call the Picturing Theory Project. To whit: ala the Buff Derrida below, I’d try, each week, to find an interesting image of a noteworthy theorist and use that as the scene for invention–just to think through the ways the images offer commentary on the theorist, his/her work, and his/her reputation. This is not without scholarly interest: this could become an assignment for my own students at some point and–as I continue to think through the issues raised by my RSA proposal–I find an interest in theories of ethos as well. The PTP is at least in part an extension of that interest, in that we might consider such images as Buff Derrida a reaction to a certain kind of intellectual celebrity and ethos–although I recognize in part that my definition of celebrity is slippery here (that is not uncommon, though).

Also–astute visitors may notice the most thorough revision of the look of FoolsCap since . . . oh, ever, really. In part, it’s motivated by blog envy: I haven’t the time or the skill (yet . . . ) to make my blog all fancy-like through CSSand what not, but through the magic of WordPress I can at least guss it up a bit. This motivated by Steve Krause’s recent post in response to Geert Lovink. What really struck me, though, was Krause’s interpellated comments:

Not even html skills are required. Only if you want your blog/site to look, feel, and function as the work of someone who doesn’t understand the medium at all.

I don’t think Krause had FoolsCap in mind, of course, but the old Spartan look was wearing thin and I didn’t want it to appear as though I don’t understand the medium at all. ‘Cos I do. Sort of. Although . . . one thing I would ask Krause is whether the medium refers to html/css or the blog itself–‘cos in all fairness I guess I don’t understand html/css but I do understand the blog. You know . . . more or less.

A warm pat on the back for the first reader who can identify whose eyes now glare out at you from the header.


2 Responses to “pictures of you”

  1. MM Says:

    Hi, er, well, this would be better suited to email, but I can’t seem to find one on here…

    I hope this isn’t too creepy or otherwise unwelcome, but I sort of stumbled across your blog, and you seem to be doing what I’m considering/brooding/agonizing about doing, and I was hoping you could tell me a little about rhet-comp at Wayne State. Furthermore, I enjoy the Cure, and know Krause very slightly, if either of those facts would help to convince you how much I would appreciate anything you’re willing to tell me.


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