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So, I recently missed Foolscap’s first blogday, bad blogger that I am. A lifetime of therapy and counseling, I’m sure, awaits.

So, why do we mark blogdays anyway? Or blog birthdays, if you prefer, but my own preference is for “blogday”. We don’t mark the days we first learned to read (ReadDay?) or write (WriteDay?), perhaps because we tend to think of those events as more procedural and evolutionary: I know I couldn’t tell you what day I first knew how to read. (Although an aunt did get me a trophy for being the best reader in my kindergarten class for my birthday one year.) I point to these two “events” rather than one’s first word or first steps because they seem more integral to the way I use my blog–almost said the way blogs are used, but of course not all blogs are used the same way–in fact, we might even recall my own recent deliberations for how to use my blog.

I’ve not been writing here as much as I would like, esp. given the things I’ve been reading of late. I still owe the much promised responses to Rice, Derrida, Lakoff/Turner, and now I can add the Gorgias and the Sophist and Debra Hawhee’s book as well. In part, one reason I’ve avoided doing the page-by-page note posts is because I’m sort of more interested in thinking through these texts as applications, or maybe as rhetorical lessons, than simply as a collection of notes and bon mots. Of course, when I come to use these texts eventually, Ill need that citation mode, but I’m much more interested at present in seeing how I might link together Lakoff/Turner, Derrida, and Kant . . . or Rice and Derrida and Hawhee (which is sort of where my brain is at right now).

So, in other news, I’m coordinating a panel submission for RSA that will involve myself, Jessica Rivait, Kim Lacey, and Jared Grogan–no blogger he. When things are assembled, I’ll put up the preamble to the panel for general assessment–and on that note, anyone have any advice about good texts on celebrity, ethos, and media(tion). This isn’t the Lennon project again, (though it could work) but a new approach (for me at least) to questions of pop rhetoric.

My goal for the ucoming semester: One post a week if time allows; the 1020 course has a pretty rigorous online component so I want to be sure I keep on the ball with that.

Anyone know if I can set my MacBook’s delete key to work like the PC’s delete key with using the “Function” button?


3 Responses to “blog blog”

  1. jeff Says:

    “anyone have any advice about good texts on celebrity,”

    Chris Rojek’s short book on celebrity:

    Zadie Smith’s Autograph Man

    I wrote an essay on celebrity in a year or so old JAC (initially called celebritacy)

    Greil Marcus’ Dead Elvis

    Another Reaktion book, Cool Rules, has some stuff on celebrity

    and so on.

  2. cwalkerj Says:

    A couple years ago I read Bret Easton Ellis’ novel “Glamorama” – Ellis works toward and beyond the facade of celebrity status. I remember the plot getting a bit crazy, but the story is firmly situated in today’s American popular culture (or at least 1998’s culture). If you are interested, you are more than welcome to borrow it anytime, just let me know.

  3. newmediagirl Says:

    I just turned in my RSA submission as well. Here’s to hoping we all get in and can enjoy a conference far from home with far fewer responsibilities than C&W.

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