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Came across the following while trolling the web for possible ideas for publishing opportunities. Given the offhand comment in my previous post about this very subject, I found it of interest:

A Thousand Pictures: Interfaces and Composition

Guest Editor: Joel Haefner

“A picture is often said to be worth a thousand words. Similarly, an interface is worth a thousand pictures.” Ben Shneiderman, The Craft of Information Visualization (2003).

Recently, the online journal, Kairos: Rhetoric, Technology, Pedagogy, issued a call for an “Interface Editor,” a new editorial position that suggests the importance interfaces play in communication. If, as Ben Shneiderman says, an interface is worth a thousand pictures, then a single interface carries the impact of a million words.

Scholarly papers are solicited for a collection which focuses on the role the interface plays in composition. For the purposes of this CFP, we can construe “interface” broadly as the communication boundary between a user and a system—although essays which contest or transfigure that broad definition are quite welcome. And the word “user” suggests that the interface interacts with both writer and audience. Articles could, for example, address such topics as:

The politics and economics of word processing interfaces used in the composition classroom
The classroom as an interface
Blog interfaces
Visual rhetoric and interfaces
Cognitive approaches to interfaces
The printed page as an interface
The intervention of textbooks in student composing
Academic institutional structures and composition
Human Computer Interaction principles and the teaching of writing
Cultural systems (racial, ethnic, sexual, gender, etc.) and composition
Initially, I am soliciting two-page proposals for full-length essays. A short vita (maximum 2 pages) is also requested. A brief selected bibliography (not more than one page, in addition to the two pages mentioned above) will strengthen any proposal. All submissions should be made as email attachments in either .DOC or .RTF formats; please use your initials to begin any file name to prevent overwriting. Please send proposals and inquiries to

Tentative Deadlines:

Submission of two-page abstracts: January 1 2008
Acceptance of proposal: April 1 2008
Submission of full paper: September 1 2008
Return of paper with readers’ comments: December 1 2008
Submission of revised paper: February 1 2009

About the Editor:

Dr. Joel Haefner is the Writing Coordinator and a Lecturer in Computer Science at Illinois Wesleyan University. He holds a Ph.D. in English from the University of Iowa and a MS in applied computer science from Illinois State University. His articles have appeared in College English, Computers and Composition, English Journal, Prose Studies, and other journals.


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