So if anyone was wondering, I think I have decided on the MacBook for the laptop mentioned below. There’s just too many problems with the Vista OS at present for me to feel comfortable with it, and Mac has a great reputation anyway, esp. among peeps whose opinions in these matters I hold in high regard (thx Jeff and Jill!).

I’m writing this in the dept’s ninth floor computer lab on one of the dreaded Macs against the back wall. I decided this would be a good way to test run the Mac OS and get a feel for using it, and you know what: awesome. I love how the taskbar at the top of the desktop becomes integrated with the individual proggie’s taskbar. I like the disappearing/reappearing dock. The only things I’ve not liked so far–in the brief time I’ve spent playing around with stuff, is that I can’t figure out how to rename files (for example, image files taken from online sources) and the fact that the “home” and “end” keys don’t work the way I’m accustomed to. If anyone has advice, it’s welcome.

So now, al I’ve got to do is find time and get mater to order the MacBook.



One Response to “metamoment”

  1. mary Says:

    LOL! I read the previous one and posted before I read this post. Oh well, perhaps someone else will benifit from my 2 cent’s worth about mac vs PC, Vista vs OS X!

    Contgrats for changing. See, we are sucking you more and more into the darkside of Rhet/Comp. Now you have a Mac. Once you taste the power of the dark side, it’s hard to resist!

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