Plan Man

The plan for the next few weeks, since my reading schedule keeps falling apart.  However, since I’ll be done teaching for the summer next week, I should (hopefully) be able to crank out another book or two.

  1. Finish Derrida, Grammatology.  Today/tomorrow–25/26 July.
  2. Read Lackoff/Turner, More than Cool Reason.  Looking in it, it should be easy to knock that out in a week or so.  So let’s say 26 July -1 August.
  3. Read Rice, Rhetoric of Cool.  This might over lap with Lackoff/Turner, so let’s say 29 July -5 August.
  4. Whither thence?

At some point, desk copies will start arriving for the 1020 course next semester–more on that later, as well as some vague ideas for a 1020 syllabus of my own.  I should probably get started with the reading for Pruchnic’s seminar too.  Note to self: ask Jeff what order readings go in.


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