Just when you thought it was safe . . .

I’ve now officially–more or less anyway–moved FoolsCap here to WordPress.  Why?

  • Easier to use.  Although, at present, I’m not shelling out for customizable CSS, I think WordPress offers a much easier to navigate dashboard than Blogsome.  Also, adding link categories and post categories is much more flexible here.
  • More power!  WordPress blogs can do a lot of things Blogsome blogs can’t: handle video, slideshows, audio files (if I can get the WordPress player to work in coming weeks [Thanks Jenny!]).
  • Consolidation.  My teaching blog is here at WordPress, so now that FoolsCap has moved, my blogs are hosted at the same place.

Beyond the new look and new URL, some other slight changes have been made that longtime readers may appreciate.

  • Additions to blogroll.  Welcome Kim Lacey, everyone!
  • Deletions from blogroll.  Sorry Jenna.
  • New link categories: Expired blogs, for blogs that are out of use or otherwise DOA.  Journals, for links to pertinent academic journals.  More will follow, I’m sure.

Sort of a dull first post, but isn’t that often the case?


One Response to “Just when you thought it was safe . . .”

  1. Kim Lacey Says:

    Holla! Thanks for the add, Mike!

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